From our Philosophy, we derive our simple Constitution.  These are not only rules for the employees, they are FOR the employees (they act as their shield), a check and balance between management and employees.


Why would we give our team-mates such extraordinary powers to check superiors?  Because we wish to attract the best talent, and talent such as this demands that its voices are heard.


  • No decision can be made if a team-mate says that the decision is NOT constitutional.  This is a serious claim and goes up the chain-of-command.  It is incumbent upon the majority to convince the minority on the constitutionality of a decision.
  • If a decision IS constitutional, the minority still has the right to dissent (via a minority report), but they must comply with the majority.  The minority report is not a protest vote, it is a last means of communication.  It should be answered by the majority, in writing.
  • No decision by bluster.  Bluster is a fireable offence at Molten-Labs.  Seriously.
  • Quick & Dirty is never quick, but always dirty.
  • Don’t "Volkswagen" the problem.  Always find the ethical and elegant solution.
  • No design choices at the first design meeting.  Go away and stew on the problem - see "productive thinking".