Manager's responsibilities

Managers have added responsibilities towards staff members and Molten-Labs' affiliates. As managers, they will:

  • Lead by example;
  • Encourage a work environment that is inclusive. Staff should be actively involved in decisions affecting their work and workplace and encouraged to participate in team planning;
  • Encourage staff to develop skills and progress in their careers;
  • Ensure staff complete mandatory training prescribed by Molten-Labs' standards and procedures;
  • Be accurate and fair in assessing the work of others and provide accurate, informative references, including statements to any appeals or grievance committees;
  • Be fair when considering rewards, promotions, workforce changes or other matters that affect the staff members or Molten-Labs' affiliates;
  • Treat seriously any concerns about behaviour and conduct and take action to address the matter; and
  • Resolve conflicts fairly and quickly and in accordance with established procedures.