About Us


Molten-Labs is a rapidly growing  Research and Development start-up.  We are different from most existing Research and Development organisations as others have a finite set of employee and facility “capabilities and capacities”.  By comparison, in many ways, Molten-Labs is more like a software company or platform, capable of scalability.  Scalability is defined as:

… the capability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work or its potential to be enlarged in order to accommodate that growth. 


We have a Philosophy and derived from this Philosophy we have our Constitution.  The Philosophy defines how we operate, not just for the easy times but in the challenging times.  It defines the standards that we expect from our investors, employees, management, and collaborators. This living document guides us in our daily choices at Molten-Labs.  Our Constitution gives our employees and collaborators safeguards so that we always live up to these best standards.


We also have our Code of Conduct, which ARE the rules our team-mates have to follow.  


We regularly update our Blog - check to see how we compare and contrast with other R&D organisations or for fun, we have a few aphorisms, which are just pithy observations which contain a general truth.  While they are not binding, they act as heuristics for our culture.  For example at Molten-Labs, we agree with Isaac Newton when he said: "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders".  This teaches us that even one of the greatest minds in history is still humble.  


Humbleness is something we aspire to at Molten-Labs, because "ego causes blind spots", and blind-spots might cause us to a more elegant solution for our clients.


Finally, check out the blog for the software that we use for our day-to-day business and some of the books we are reading.