Information & Intellectual Property

Molten-Labs owns the intellectual property rights to anything our people create or develop, during the course of their employment with Molten-Labs.  Our people will:
•    Maintain complete, reliable and accurate records of the performance of your work-related decisions and activities; and
•    Ensure the proper storage of, and access to, records, including the confidentiality and security of information.
•    Using and protecting Molten-Labs Information and Resources
Our people will:
•    Use the organisation’s resources (including money, property, facilities, equipment and information systems) lawfully, efficiently and for activities related to their work;
•    Ensure their business travel arrangements are the most economical to Molten-Labs and at reasonable cost given the nature and purpose of the trip; and
•    Comply with Molten-Labs physical and information technology security requirements and take care to prevent waste, loss, damage, misuse or theft of Molten-Labs resources.
They must not:
•    Engage in fraudulent behaviour against Molten-Labs with the objective of obtaining money or other benefit from, or of evading a liability to, Molten-Labs; or
•    Make improper use of information acquired whilst working for Molten-Labs to gain an advantage for themselves or others, or to cause detriment to Molten-Labs or to others.