Entertainment and hospitality

Offering entertainment and hospitality, including modest corporate gifts, on behalf of Molten-Labs is a legitimate way to build good relationships provided they do not unduly influence business decision making or cause others to perceive an undue influence.

In providing entertainment and hospitality to guests our people will ensure it is properly approved and for a clearly stated business purpose which is likely to advance the interests of Molten-Labs and is not just goodwill.

Bribery, inducements and facilitation payments
In dealings with others in Australia or overseas our people will ensure all fees and other payments required to conduct business are legal, made in a transparent manner and properly recorded. They must not engage in bribery or seek to corrupt others.


Gifts and benefits
Our people are not permitted to give or accept gifts or benefits of any significant value related to their employment, including sponsored travel from people or organisations external to Molten-Labs, without the express approval of their senior manager.