Working with others

Our relationships with government, industry, research partners, suppliers and the community are a key part of how we conduct our science and deliver national benefits. We value working together with companies and other bodies to deliver common goals. Our relationships are built on trust and mutual respect.
Accordingly, we will:

  • Deal fairly with suppliers, partners and clients;
  • Act in a transparent and accountable manner;
  • Manage our commercial affairs with care and due diligence;
  • Be cooperative and collaborative;
  • Foster the exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge, whilst protecting appropriately Molten-Labs' intellectual property;
  • Respect confidentiality, sensitivities and the intellectual property of others;
  • Consult widely with industry and others to understand their needs;
  • Meet our Service Charter obligations;
  • Deliver on our commitments;
  • Act as a responsible part of the communities in which we operate and act to protect the environment.

When imposing requirements on others in relation to the use or management of Molten-Labs’ resources we will take into account:

  • The risks associated with that use or management; and
  • The effects of imposing those requirements.


Working with partners and industry


In dealings with our research and business partners, collaborators, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders, our people will:

  • Build and maintain effective working relationships;
  • Establish honest, fair and easily understood business and contractual arrangements based on a mutual understanding of obligations;
  • Ensure the quality of their work is of a high standard, including proposals, reports, products and presentations;
  • Maintain confidentiality of dealings with others and respect their intellectual property; and
  • Deliver on their commitments.

When working with communities and competitors, our people will:

  • Engage with communities affected by our operations and take their views into consideration in decision making;
  • respect cultural sensitivities;
  • respect the traditional rights and culture of indigenous people; and
  • take action to protect the environment.